If you have kids in school, back-to-school is like New Years Eve, but without the champagne toast and a kiss. There's shopping for clothes, hair cuts, school supplies and the chance to start off the year right. For mom's/dad's it's a second shot at getting organized and finishing what you meant to get done that's been lingering since January.

It's a great time of year, where kids are refreshed and almost excited to get back to school. In fact some kids get a little bored towards the end and are even ready to go back to school. Ahhh...how i sometimes long for the days when time stood still. What I wouldn't give to have some of that back! But then I remember
I would have to do high school again!

Let's get back to the being organized before I digress and forget what this blog is about, BACK -to SCHOOL resolutions; paper solutions.

The obvious one is finding easy ways to stay on top of your game and your kids social schedules.

Back-to-school usually means alot of birthdays parties for your kids. Instead of buying birthday cards, an easy solution is to buy each kid a set of "gift stickers" that say "a gift from Charlie". You slap them on the present and you are good to go.

These stickers can also be used on your kids school supplies. It's a great way to label them so they can come home with there stuff. You could say something as simple as "This book belongs to Zoe" or "Lost and Found? Call Ethan at 310.555.1212" or "Henry's Stuff!"

Another idea is to order personalized stationery for the family. It's great if you need to write a quite note to teachers, other parents, principal or nurse. In the rush of our lives, even if you forget to sign it, it will have your name on it, so they'll know who it came from. it might be nice to order everyone there own set as well. With the holidays not too far aound the corner everyone will be ready to write there thank you notes and it's one less thing to worry about in December.

Also personalized calling cards or family business cards are great for your kids to exchange info with their new friends and for parents to exchange with other parents. This way your never need to locate a pen and paper.

If you are planning on doing family holiday cards, now is a great time to think about your photo and even get one taken. New clothes, fresh haircut even a suntan may get everyone excited. Come November everyone is a little more worn down, busy and stressed.

Planning now through the end of year will help free up some extra time for play or even a massage. It's true plans always change especially with kids, but it'll be easier to handle if you aren't scrambling.

Bumpercards participated in the Fashion with Passion Event that raises money for Ronald McDonlald Camp For Good Times. This is a fantastic organization and allows sick children to enjoy the camp experience with other kids who can related to what they are going through as well as a place to forget about what they are going through. It's an opportunity to just be a kid! If you are interested in donating $1000 will send a child to camp for a week.

I was heart stuck by the one of the girls who is attending camp this summer. She mentioned she had been to the camp as a sibling and this year she was going back as a patient. I couldn't help, but think of what she as been through with her brother and now with herself. And the most incredible thing about this young girl was how excited she was about going to camp and how comfortable she was with herself. She exuded beauty and confidence. My heart and best wishes go out to her family.

Bumpercards were part of the celebrity model gift bags and went to such young talent as Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Ana Marie Perez de Tagle, Jason Dolley, Kiely Williams, Jensen Panettiere, Kay Panabaker, Ariel Walker, Bailee Madison, Nathalia Ramos, Rachel Sibner and more.

Since we have been talking so much about what is eco-friendly stationery, Bumpercards has decided to introduce a few designs specifically on eco-friendly paper.

FYI all of the paper we use is Green-E Certified (meaning papers are bought from companies using alternative energy to run their mills), and Chlorine and Carbon free. We feel this is a great start, but we want to take more steps in the GREEN direction.

The papers and designs we have chosen are a Green Earth Robot and a Green Grass Monkey. Each of these papers are acid and carbon free, Green-E certified, Green Seal certified and paper stock use at least 30% PCW-Post Consumer Waste meaning recycled content.

Bumpercards will also be adding an eco friendly option to most of our personalized stationery line and many of our invitations. This is currently being tested in our Baby Stationery Section. This paper stock still be a high end white and will be FSC Certified, Acid Free and Made with 20% FSC Certified Virgin Fiber and 80% Post Consumer Fiber.

One of our favorite papers from Fabriano, a high end Italian paper with a deckled edge, has been environmentally sound for hundreds of years. Fabriano Paper Mill uses:
•ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: The Mill uses 50% Hydropower energy
•CHLORINE FREE: 100% Cholrine Free (no chlorine bleaching).
•MILL CERTIFIED: The Fabriano Mill is ISO 14001 certified to ensure the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly. This is a great paper for custom wedding invitations and wedding stationery as well as that first thank you note for a baby's personalized stationery.

Please let us know your thoughts and what you are looking for in stationery and the environment.

We offically launched Tykecoon to the public this weekend at The Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Buffet. It truly was a fantastic reception and we were thrilled at the response.

Press and celebs alike not only loved the simple retro designs, but were impressed by the fact that Tykecoon is giving back to some great causes.

Celebrity guests such as Constance Zimmer (Entourage and Boston Legal) said, "The designs are so cool and not so baby. I am excited to put my daughter in them and I love that you're giving back." Actress Busy Phillips stated, "Wow, that's fantastic and these make great gifts." Other actors and press such as Marissa Jaret Winokur, Tori Spelling, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Cythina Daniels Hauser, Sofia Dickens, Access Hollywood and TV Guide Network expressed their appreciation for mixing great design and charitable causes.

Tykecoon currently has six designs that represent a different charity that a % of profits will be donated to. For example, a ROBOT and GIRAFFE for One Laptop Per Child, an OWL and TOTEM OWLS for The Ronald McDonald House, an ELEPHANT and KID TOY SQUARES for K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distressed Situations). Each of the above charities was selected because they have programs that improve the everyday lives for children and their families.

For a limited time Tykecoon t-shirts are available for purchase at www.bumpercards.com.

Having a two year old myself, I have entered into the land of birthday attending and birthday party planning.

Not only are places like MY GYM, Kidnasium, Gymboree, Dan the Man, and other gymnastics places convenient, they are a ton of fun for the kids and great for the parents.

You can't just drop off the kids and leave, but there is a trained staff who entertains your kids and know what they like depending on the age. There are swings, bubbles, ball pits, trampolines and a safe (and usually) enclosed environment for your kids to crazy in. You get to sit back, relax and enjoy!

And the clean up....a breeze!

One of Bumpercards most popular children's birthday invitations are our Kid Gym Boy and Kid Gym Girl. When creating the invitations I am always amazed at how my great gym places there are across the country! Enjoy!

After much consideration and research, Bumpercards is venturing into the world of infant and toddlers t's.

We have always known our designs would translate onto t-shirts and we are excited to welcome Tykecoon to the Bumpercards family.

The official launch will be May 2008 at The Silver Spoon Dog & Baby Buffet, but we are offering the 6 following designs for sneak peek: Robot, Owl, 3 Totem Owl, Giraffe, 9 Squares, and Elephant

The above designs also coordinate with Bumpercards personalized stationery, gift stickers, address labels and mommy calling cards.

For Babies: Babies are always receiving gifts and all mother's want to properly thank everyone for their generosity. Even if it's hard to get them out in a timely fashion.

For Toddlers: You may (or you will) end of writing most of the note yourself, but it's good place to color and let your friends and family know you are thinking about them. And there are so many cute options out there!It's simple fun to buy.

For Pre-Schoolers-3rd: What better way to show off your new found mastery of the alphabet and your advancement with language skills?!

For Tweens and Teens: You know you have to write thank you notes and with the right stationery you may even be psyched to send a letter.

Graduates (High School and College): Now that you are to be "responsible", it's always smart to have stationery around to send thank you notes after job interviews as well as the usual thank you note for grad gifts and simply keep in touch as everyone moves onto their own life's journey.

20 something: May not be on the top of your 100 item to-do list, but writing thank you notes after a birthday or sending a congratz note to a friend is still the right thing to do.

30-40 something: Your momma always told you to be thoughtful! Now you may be wanting to set a good example for your kids. Hey, maybe you even like to collect stationery!

For your 50's and 60's: It's a personal gift that you know can be used. You can never have too much stationery. Each occasion you send a note for may need a different sentiment.

And 70, 80, 90....157: Stationery is never outgrown even when the use for it is constantly changing from congratulations notes to sympathy cards and anywhere in between. It's fun to give and fun to receive.

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